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5eeeb59f7058a459efff4030a616cbe4Not sure if I mentioned last year that I don’t, as a rule, get any Valentines. Cards, candy, flowers or human versions.

Oh. Yeah. I did. And I did. And I did.

No. Nothing has changed this year, but oddly enough it doesn’t matter.

This year, I sent out Valentines … to my Facebook friends … to folks on the Dating Sites … to folks in Writing Groups … to old friends and new friends.

And allowed myself to remember old friends … old loveValentins-dayrs … all of it.

So I’ll wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to you all here … my Blog Followers … old and new friends … those who just happened across this entry … and old lovers. (You know who you are.)

Sharing love of any kind with anyone has done nothing but improve my life. And I thank you for whatever time we have spent together or apart.

Google was very creative today with several animations for the day. Gotta love Google Doodles.

valentines-day-2015-5081660856991744-5701867585667072-ror valentines-day-2015-5081660856991744.2-5725202142986240-ror valentines-day-2015-5081660856991744-5694639155707904-ror valentines-day-2015-5081660856991744-5748755743637504-ror

And of course there were the obligatory memes for the day. After a while they all start to look the same, you know?

MjAxMy00OTQzZjBhMDFiNDUxZGZj BgZ-H36IYAAsCi3.jpg large 1331767816530_3775109

As for my plans this evening? Well, this year I decided to spice it up a bit.

Here’s hoping yours is great as well.