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bidrink.jpeg-thumb-510x287-49110Another uber-creepy thing just happened. And funny.

royal aristocratOkay. The other day I joined a group online. On Facebook.

An antique typewriter group.

Because I have my Mom’s old typewriter and another one I bought … and because I think they are cool.

Pretty. Artistic. I’ve not posted anything there yet.

Perhaps you’ve seen the other posts I’ve done about my typewriters.


red-coronaThe other day, in the typewriter group, someone posted a picture of Morgan Freeman sitting at a typewriter and asked what kind it was (Olivetti?).

Good enough.

Not as pretty as my red Corona but then very few are.

Flash forward to today.

I have some free time. I *was* going to go out and re-watch some of Grace and Frankie (great Netflix series by the way) and I looked briefly at the four or five other movies I had put there a month ago … to be watched at a later time.

It is later.

I picked the one about the burnt out writer who spends the summer in a cabin on the water. Not that I identified or anything.

I am six minutes into it … and I realize … it’s the SAME movie that the picture / post came from.

Now I’m REALLY interested.