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So maybe I’m getting a bit carried away here. Setting myself up for failure or something.

But … it’s so much fun right now.

I was out looking around the internet, as I sometimes do, and tripped across a great blog out there.  With a great background picture …red-coronaIt might even be as cool of a typewriter as the old Royal Typewriter I recently got from my Mom.

royal aristocrat

But in the mushy middle of my looking around that blog, which uses a great theme (Choco) by the way, I saw that she had a really cool widget. One that would count NaNoWriMo words and post the results back to her WordPress.com blog page.

I had to have it.

So out I went to Google. No luck.
Back to her blog page. No luck.
Posted a question to her which she answered. No luck.
Went looking around WordPress.com. No luck.
Went looking around NaNoWriMo.org. No luck.

So I posted a Forum post. You know … “Hello, I’m a moron who can’t find something that is clearly right in front of my very eyes” … or words to that effect.

And of course, NaNoSeconds after I posted that, I found the place where you could find a widget for NaNoWriMo.

Shrewdly hidden on the page called http://nanowrimo.org/widgets.

Go figure.

So for those of you who might want something like the hand-dandy widget you see here to the left on my blog, just go there and it will explain … in great detail … how you, too, can have a nice widget on your WordPress.com page.

Nineteen days and counting …