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So. Yesterday I made a long list. And I asked what these things all had in common.

For those who didn’t read yesterday’s post, it was a list of almost 50 cities in the East and the Pacific West … plus one city in Alabama I think … plus the words Tonight, Tomorrow, Tomorrow Night, and Sunday.

Add to that the Four Soap Operas; Cars, Gas Stations and Airports; Today (which of course now means yesterday) and the word Gravitas.

What did they all have in common? Me. And my voice.

First … the word Gravitas. Although I’ve not written about it here, some of you have heard my voice. I have written here about how I’ve been an on-air host for the local NPR station for three years … reading “station identification”, public service announcements, underwriters information, and various and sundry promos … this all being done as I functioned as my own engineer for whatever shift I might be doing.

Oh. And I read the weather.

Sounds boring.

I love it.

And it appears I have a distinctive voice for the thing.

Yeah. Me. And I was told I “lent gravitas to the station”.

I laughed. They have teased me about it ever since.

Flash forward to current times.

Turns out other people were listening. And liked what they heard. And asked me if I wanted a job.


As of this past week, I am an official paid Radio Broadcaster … for a company around here … which does … weather … around the world … on the internet … on phones … on television … in cars, airports, marinas and gas stations … oh … and on the radio.

As in over 800 radio stations.

Oh. And they do Soap Opera summaries.

So yeah. You just might be hearing my mellifluous tones on your radio … or somewhere … doing the weather.

And yes, most of the time I do indeed say my name. They want me to make up an alias for those times where I might be doing the weather for competing radio stations in the same town.

Any good name ideas out there?

The list of cities? Those were the cities I did the evening weather recordings for yesterday. Heard in all the best gas stations, cars, stores and airports. And what is a Kaliki anyway?

Alabama? Well there is some specific radio station down there that I did all the weekend recordings for … through Monday morning. Sorry. I forget which station.

Tomorrow morning at 0-dark-thirty I’ll observe two of the other Radio Broadcasters … and probably record many of the forecasts on their to-do list. Maybe the same ones now that I think of it. Maybe not.

And the Soap Operas? Seems someone out there pays these guys to do summaries during the week for four Soap Operas … you  know … like “Aiden looked longingly at …” and all the rest.

And someone has to read them.

That was the most fun.