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33549-15330A long time ago … in a galaxy far, far away … on a second Sunday in November … there was a woman. A nice woman in my opinion … who spent entirely too much time out on the internet.

She was on that very day perusing the halls of the various dating sites, having had some luck in finding companionship in the past with them.

Among the offerings that day were various gentlemen. Tall, short, young, old … but the ones who caught her eye were the ones with a mind. The smart ones.

She had always been attracted to a person’s personality far more than their looks. Probably a throw back from her days in school when she was the one bullied and badgered.

computer-dating0001On that very day as she opened one of the sites, she came across a message from a man … someone far away … who laughed at her jokes and “got” her profile.

And thus was the beginning of an odyssey. A strange odyssey to be sure, but an odyssey nonetheless.

A journey of friendship, creativity, laughter, teasing, flirting … and yes, sometimes even a little lewd long-distance lust thrown in for good measure. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Good friendships sometimes get online-datingstarted in the strangest of ways. And are not what you originally intended. And will never be anything other than what they are now.

But they have a value you might have never expected when the odyssey began.

As my Mom once said “Time spent with a friend is never wasted”.

Be open to the possibilities.