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As a friend said recently, there are many things I am not good at, but I seem to have the combination of skills required to do this well.

He was talking about something business related of course, but these same words might apply to me and a curious game that I recently loaded onto my phone.

You may recall that I was dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, phone wise, recently with the purchase of a Huawei Ascend Mate II. Wonderful phone. Got it because of the 40 hour battery time.

But I digress.

After some weeks of using the phone for phone things … then messaging … then checking out Facebook, I decided to try some games.

One or two obsessive games installed and uninstalled later, I came across this one. Infinite Loop. Actually it goes by the infinity symbol.

The idea is to connect (or not connect) all the little pieces on the screen so there are no remaining open loop pieces. No loose ends so to speak. Some solve symmetrically, some do not.

Whether it is my out-of-the-box thinking, or my math skills, or my vaguely OCD tendencies from time to time that get the credit … the fact remains that for over 500 of these levels I have consistently “solved” each one in a minute or two … occasionally as many as five … but no more.

I have no idea if that is typical or not. It is just very apparent to me when I first look at it what the solution, for the most part, will be.

A friend has “loop envy”. He has only gone to level 120 or so.

But there was one level early on which stopped me for a while. I forget which. And I searched online for images of the solutions. Very few were to be found.

There was a point which shook me though. I naturally assumed that there were several ways in which each level could be solved. And that it was up to the creativity of a person to come up with one of many solutions.

Not so.

Turns out there is only one solution to the many teeny tiny pieces on the screen. So as you spin each piece into position, you might or might not be assembling them to the proper end.

I’d be curious to hear from anyone as to whether one minute or two is typical for this. But in the mean time, I am going to post the images of the solutions.

Yes, I’ve been taking screen shots as I went along.

If I get industrious, I might post how long it took me to solve each level. I can tell for many of them by the upload time stamps on the pictures. But for now I’ll just upload the pictures.

Here are levels 1-50

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