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And so the journey continued.

The images still took only a minute or two to solve. Maybe that’s the case for most people. But it made me feel proficient.

Always nice to find something that you feel you can do well, no?

At any rate, it was somewhere in this time frame that I discovered that the solutions were not some random placing of pieces … and that many solutions were possible … but rather that, as you progressed up or down or at random on the screen, only one solution could be found.

For some odd reason, although I’d been ripping along fabulously to that point, I suddenly became almost fearful. Intimidated as it were. That I might not get the “right answer”.

Took the joy out of it all for a level or three.

I then realized that I had indeed been doing this easily and well, without any outside input, for well over 50 levels. And that it didn’t matter what others had said about it.

I was good at this.

The thought then crossed my mind about two other things. At least.

Writing and Radio.

I have enjoyed being on-air for the sheer pleasure of using my voice, and having it “out there”. Yeah. I know. How shallow. I like hearing my voice through the headphones.

It’s fun.

And although from time to time I have been challenged on doing it … “you don’t get paid” … “why would you drive all that distance?” … the fact remains that I do it well.

It’s fun.

Oh, and it led to a paying job as a Radio Announcer doing Weather Forecasts across the US and Canada. So there is that.

And finally there was the Writing. Which I did somewhat successfully with technical writing in my work … and then … just for fun. Here. Other places.

As I’ve mentioned my Dad and others have read my efforts and have been pleasantly surprised. But. There was one person … who has meant a great deal to me in my life … who, in a moment of weakness, I asked for an opinion on my writing.

You know, he and another friend are the only two who have ever said anything remotely disparaging about my writing. Yes. I know I’m not the next great Hemingway or anything, but it stopped me cold.

Until. Until I had a bit of perspective.

He said what he said because he was angry that he can no longer control me. Thought that by saying what he said that it would hurt me.

She said what she said because she always has to be right. And for whatever reason, it suits her purposes to have friends who are in need, or down, or suffering. No clue why. But I’ve noticed over the years, that when something very good happens to me, she feels obliged to point out to people some deficiency in it all.


I write.

It’s fun.

Speaking of which, here are the next fifty solutions to the Infinite Loop game.

yougov-squarelogo AND for those of you who might be interested in participating in the polls that get quoted in all the headlines here in the states, click this and join up.

I’ve been doing it for years. And once you’ve gotten enough points, they give you gift cards or VISA cash cards.

Great fun seeing a poll you take show up in the headlines a few days later … especially in the political seasons like now!!