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The Mind.

There was a commercial several years back. A Public Service Announcement kind of a thing. It said “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

If I recall correctly, it had to do with going to college and equal opportunities to do so.

Me being the first in my family to do so, it made sense to me. People need to be given opportunities to use whatever natural skills or interests they have to the fullest.

It is from this that the great innovations, leaders, and teachers are born.

And yes, playing this game as I have has made me think from time to time of how we all are given skills and talents … natural and developed … which we can use or not use as we see fit.

True confession, my whole life I have been told “but you have so much potential”! As though what I was doing was not sufficient unto the day.


When I found something I enjoyed

deeply … whether it was playing music, playing pool or doing algebra … I have followed it with a passion not to be matched.

I fear I am equally devoted in relationships and friendships.

But the bottom line is, for me, something like that old German saying … although for the life of me I cannot find it now.

Something about having the kind of job that you really enjoy … that you can do while whistling … as in “whistle while you work”.

But suffice it to say, two of the three things I do (or three of the four if you count writing) are things I can whistle mentally while doing.

I think that’s the way it should be.

Here are the next fifty solutions to the game …