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Activities like this game are wonderful for the development of your mind. At least I’m pretty sure they are.

My mind is brought back to the time just a few years ago when it became apparent that my Mother’s mind was not functioning as it once had.

There is a certain amount of change that might be expected as we get older. But this had been a sudden unexpected change.

She was aware that something was different as well. She would recite the letters of the alphabet, and the Presidents of the United States and whatnot in order to test herself that she had indeed still been able to remember important things.


It was about that time that we discovered that she had had a few mini-strokes and that they had affected her cognitive abilities.

Being a child of the fifties and sixties, but with a computer background, I looked for ways to help Mom heal as much as possible from her mental loss.

After all I had a friend who’d had a stroke too early in life and she was able to retrain her brain to a certain extent.

So. Games it was. On a tablet which I bought for Mom.

Simple games, really. Swipe at the pictures of the fruit. Simple matching games. That kind of thing.

Unfortunately, she really was not keen on it all.

My Dad however thought it was a blast. He is the man who at age 80 or so was presented with an iPad from my brother. He immediately took to it … becoming almost instantly proficient in email, Skype and playing videos on YouTube of old-time tap dancers. He also used it to play music. Classic music.

And to read this blog.

I can’t say which came first, the iPad or the egg, but I do know that my Father was mentally sharp up till the bitter end … while my Mother never did get the hang of it all.

Here are the next fifty solutions.