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It was about this time that I started to let people know about the game.

I posted on Facebook.

Got one puzzled “What is that” kind of response and that was about it. The two people who had been Facebook friends in the past who were most likely to rip the socks off this thing are no longer on my Facebook list of friends.

Their choice, not mine.

So basically nobody really jumped on the thing. Well maybe one person did.

For what it’s worth he has Loop Envy right about now. His forte is all the Trivia games and the Word games. But he is soldiering on with this one.

What can I say? We each have our talents and skills. Mine is mindless spinning of little images till there are no loose ends left.

And I’m pretty good at Trivia and Scrabble too. But this? This is the bomb.

Here are the next fifty solutions.