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Sometimes I do wonder about how I spend my spare time. What little of it that I’ve had recently.

This game has taken up a lot of it. A whole lot. And to what end?

So we do puzzles and more puzzles, and then what? Well, here is what … in my case.

Just a little aside here. You may have gathered that I have been kind of busy. Burning the candle at all ends so to speak.

There is the early morning computer gig three mornings a week. And the all night 9PM Sunday into early Monday 6AM computer gig. (20+ hours)

Then add into that the one to three times a week of NPR on-air fun. (Another 4 to 12 hours)

Oh, and then there is the new job. The Radio Broadcaster weather-is-weathery fun. (Has been basically 30+ hours)

Granted part of the long hours has to do with the holiday coverage I agreed to do at the one job and the initial training / orientation at the other. I did not want to let anyone down. Honoring prior commitments and all that stuff.

And writing. November was NaNoWriMo month. So I wrote. And NaBloPoMo month. I wrote for that too. Well, for a while I did. 

I have been burning the candle at all possible ends. For well over a month. On empty.

Turns out my body has noticed.

Yeah, as it turns out you really cannot burn the candle at three ends for an indefinite period of time at this age. I guess I am not a) Wonder Woman or b) 35 years old after all.

And I ended up in the ER late Wednesday night. Well … when you have 9 of the 14 symptoms of a heart attack for women, and it doesn’t go away for 9 hours, it kind of made sense to have it checked out.

Yes I took aspirin. Yes I waited far too long. Yes I drove myself to the hospital. And no, I didn’t tell anyone.

Bad Holly. Bad, bad Holly.

Bottom line, it wasn’t a heart attack. They kept me for a day. Did tons of tests. Turns out people know who I am. From the radio. Go figure. Lots of “hey, aren’t you…” kinds of comments. Three recognized my name. Two recognized my voice.

At the end of it all the cardiologist had some words about it all that I didn’t understand.

And I was ordered to do basically bed rest until at least Monday. Eat well. Sleep. Keep regular hours. Heal. All those things that normal people do.

So. Of course I played this game. Endlessly. That, reading Facebook and watching a few old Cary Grant movies.

I got up to over 500 on the game. And decided to share. I’m generous like that.

So. Here are the next fifty solutions.