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12963357_1740491086188330_8305748599077142274_nOK … for those of you who are following my life and were wondering … a few things.

One – I am an On-Air Host.

For the local NPR station (covering about a third of the state) I have won an award. I have a blast doing it … and I record promos for them.

My delivery has been called “filled with gravitas”, “soothing”, “amazing” and a whole lot of other cool very kind descriptive phrases.

Who knew?

Two – I am a Radio Broadcaster.

A radio broadcaster for a national weather forecasting company (doing 700+ stations across the US and Canada) One station in Missouri just requested that I do all of their forecasts as much as can happen. Others have graciously let my boss know they really like my voice and it is a listener favorite.

Three – I am a writer.

For what it’s worth, so far this month there have been over ten thousand folks who have hit this blog (10,240 actually … 1,532 on Wednesday alone) and almost twenty thousand last month (19,459 actually).

Oh and getting published … there is that. Details to follow.


My mind wandered just now … to times past … more specifically to conversations past.

To one conversation with someone who ardently tried to talk me out of doing NPR … because I started this whole radio gig as a volunteer. And why would anyone want to do that? I didn’t have any training after all. And of course they had their own agenda.

Reality?  On air host for NPR shows … which was heard by the Weather people … which led to a job offer as a Radio Broadcaster there … which led to being heard elsewhere … which led to being offered other voice-over work.

Not sure that Mark Twain said this ... but it is cool anyway.

Not sure that Mark Twain said this … but it is cool anyway.

To another conversation with someone whom I asked for an opinion of my writing. Silly me. He was uber-angry with his own agenda … and like a moron I thought for a brief second I could get a straight impartial answer as to whether he thought I could write well.

His response? I don’t recall the exact words … at times “a waste of your time” and “untalented” and words to that effect. Totally not worth pursuing. Not at all. Totally a waste. Should stop writing immediately. The sooner the better.

Reality? A NaNoWriMo effort … which led to a private blog / diary with limited readership … which led to the Happy Holly Project and this blog … which led to writing several short stories … which led to writing along with a “real” writer and editing with others … which led to getting published.


I’m thinking that those people were wrong.

Just a thought.