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I am Holly and I endorse this message … heck I could have written this message … actually … yeah … I’ll reblog this message!!

Source: To the women over forty and the twenty-somethings who write about them

I hit free when I was 40. Got a shirt made with a block print butterfly and the words “Forty and Free … or at least Reasonable”

Favorite quotes from this article?

“You know what women shouldn’t do after the age of 30? They shouldn’t tell other women what they can and can’t do.”

“How are we supposed to tell our daughters they can grow up to be whatever they want to be if we bow to the pressures of toddlers on the internet telling us we can’t wear hoop earrings after our thirtieth birthday?”

“It’s partially because I am “old” that I’ve stopped caring about what’s socially acceptable for me to do or wear.”

Yea. Especially that.