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votesposterClearly I need coffee.

I saw this post and link this morning on Facebook from my politically active friend on what is the anniversary of a very important day in the history of women in politics:

On this day in 1873, Susan B Anthony went on trial in Canandaigua, NY for her vote in the November 1872 general election.

trialsmall2I saw Canandaigua, NY and thought “Oh … how ironic. That’s where Hillary lives”

(no, that’s Chappaqua, NY)

Then “Isn’t that the lovely community I visited with Linda once?”

(no, that’s Cassadaga, NY)

cartoonsuffThen, “But I thought Hillary lived in that beautiful place I visited where my friends parents vacationed.”

(no, that’s Chautauqua, NY)

Yep, clearly I need coffee.

And a map.