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Allow me to introduce …
Little Donald


Yes. He is Orange.
Yes. He has Little Hands.
Yes. His name is Donald.
LITTLE Donald to be exact.

Any similarity between Little Donald and any other Little Donald are … similar.

I have a friend … Louise … whose well known family has dealt in antiques in the area for decades. And suffice it to say that she is a bit of a liberal.

OK a LOT liberal.

And she has quite the sense of humor. So she has combined her wonderful wit and her collection of small collectible items to come up with … Little Donald.

And over the next several days I will share the creative ways she has presented Little Donald on her Facebook page.

If I understand correctly the actual little guy shown here is one of her many many items collected over the years. She thinks it (and an upcoming one – you’ll know it when you see it) were originally pieces from a child’s game.

Comments are welcome.