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trumpOK I know I promised you a few more posts on the Washington DC Women’s March. And I will.


But just for today I have to vent here. Politically. And fair warning, if you’re a Trump fan you just might not like what I have to say.


I would really like your input. In a “how the hell can they justify this” kind of a way.

For those without Twitter … This morning I was given a link to a post by Will Wheaton. Maybe quoting from this. It says: “Monthly cost of: Guarding Trump Tower: $30 million Section 8 for all 15,856 homeless NYC families: $28 million”.

Same kind of minimal / non-existent numbers from this administration for PBS, NPR, NEA, NEH, Scientific Research, EPA, Public Education, Child Tax Credits, Food Stamps / School Lunches, Health Coverage for folks working full-time without employer health care … and all the other social safety net programs. Yet the GOP aims to eliminate all this funding.

Now I ask one question. Seriously. Why?

Their solution thus far in the new administration has been to enact repeals of legislation that helps people, creating new bills eliminating rules and regulations, and giving enormous tax cuts to the wealthy.

So we will have less money to pay our national bills, and the ultra-rich will have even more money.

How does this help us 98%-ers? Or our country? Or ME??? Oh, and probably you too I’m guessing.

The only semi-cogent argument I’ve read has to do with Johnson’s War On Poverty basically giving money out … but not solving the root cause. That root cause of course being the lack of well-paying jobs. Jobs that allow those in poverty to pull themselves up.

Not a peep … for the last 8 years for that matter … from the GOP on that.

I’m still not seeing a rational reason … other than greed, and possibly anger at poor people … for their actions. This helps nobody but the uber-rich. And will no doubt lead to yet another crash / recession / depression.

Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results as it were. The definition of insanity.

Compare and constrast Brownback in KS vs Brown in CA. Give three examples.