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6a00d83451afd569e201b8d14fa7fe970cAnother political post?

Oh well.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

And today here we have a hypothetical conversation … between my friend and social activist Andrew Slack and Betsy DeVos.

Me: Secretary DeVos, why did the chicken cross the road?

DeVos: well I can say this. I know there are A LOT of roads in this country.

Me: But what about the chicken?

DeVos: I can say that we are on a road to new horizons.

Me: Ms. DeVos, are you evading the question because you don’t know what a “chicken” is?

DeVos: Like everyone, I’ve come to find that knowledge is big and rainbows have many colors.

Me: I’m not sure what this has to do with whether or not you know what a chicken is.

DeVos: I believe I’ve answered your question. Now please let me pray to Jesus.

Me: Well now that you bring up Jesus, it has me wondering what you think of Steve Bannon talking with admiration about Satan. As a fundamentalist Christian, I imagine you are against Bannon’s pro-Satan stand?

DeVos: hem hem. Did you know that sadly, most children are Satan. Naughty satanic children need to be punished.

Me: Highly disturbing!

DeVos: indeed.

Me: it was “to get to the other side” btw?

DeVos: what’s that?

Me: the chicken.

DeVos: what’s that?

Me: I want to thank you Secretary. our kids are gonna to rebel against you with their teachers. They are going to form real world Dumbledore’s Armies and they are going to learn more from those groups then they ever have in any traditional school. Unknowingly you have allowed a new opportunity for revolutionary education. Congratulations!

DeVos: thank you! I’m quite rich!!!!

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