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OK, I know it looks like three totally disparate things, but I promise they will all come together at the end …

So I awoke this morning to the sounds of a car or twenty driving up the road here … as they do every Saturday morning … motorcycles revving in the summer … to meet at a house at the end of the road every Saturday morning at seven AM … for a Mens Prayer Breakfast … over a hundred of them from all directions … the coffee makers driving up between six and six thirty.

Good thing I am an easy-going gentle person …

Okay, so some days maybe I feel just a tiny bit like an old Seinfeld episode … writing about nothing.

And I wondered what I would blog about today … what I could do for no other reason than making me happy. What a wonderful way to start the day. Focus on the positive … looking for happiness.

This stuff is really working, as it turns out.

But first I decided to go out and check my emails and Facebook … and the Happy Holly Project … which I checked first … and saw over twenty people had already hit the blog … today … as of seven in the morning … on a Saturday … what the … ????

Suffice it to say that is a whole lot more hits than I usually have that early in the morning. And to say that it made me happy would be the understatement of the week. But what was causing this? (she said to herself.)

Then I went to Facebook … and saw this public post from my younger brother, Gary Getz:

My sister the savant (no, I didn’t mention anything about “idiot…”).  In any case, she has found her writing muse after all of these years and is putting up a damn fine daily blog called The Happy Holly Project.  Worth a read, and if I do say so myself I’m no pushover for these sorts of things…


Now that made me doubly happy … and it wasn’t even seven-thirty in the morning. I started to think about how fortunate I am to have him for my brother.  And as the day progressed, it seemed that everywhere I looked there was something that reminded me of him.

First there was his CRC book … a Handbook of Chemistry and Physics … from his days at Princeton. I think Plan A was to sell it on eBay or Amazon for him … but I couldn’t part with it.

Then as I reviewed the Facebook posts that I had missed this last week, I saw that he was the Purist of the Week (POTW) for his favorite Horological online forum … and as he said, while it may appear upon reading that the questions were answered by a greed-headed one percenter, I can also assure you that it was only the sweet-natured, hard-laboring little brother of mine.

As I prepared the front porch / room for painting tomorrow, I found an old key chain with a whistle on it. An Acme Thunderer. The kind that Gary had used back in Plum High School when he was the Drum Major of our Marching Band. Yes, Plum High. And yes, I’ve heard all the jokes.

And I further remembered how in his Eighth Grade Autobiography … which as you can imagine was quite in-depth … *cough* … he had said “My sister Holly could fall into a bucket of worms and make friends …”

Worms notwithstanding … it is true. What can I say? I like people.

And I began thinking that he is not only my brother, he is my hero … incredibly successful … unfailingly supportive … exceedingly kind … amazing. And I could take him best two out of three in arm wrestling as a kid.

So as I finished the preparation in the front room, I decided to get Chinese Take-Out for all of us. Long day … good work … good food … and a Fortune Cookie. And yes, I know that Fortune Cookies are not really a Chinese invention, but rather from a Japanese immigrant in San Francisco … in 1914.

Did I mention that my brother lives outside of San Francisco … see what I mean? Everything.

But when I opened the fortune cookie, I had to smile … and when I opened the second one I was looking over my shoulder for Ed McMahon or something. Here is a picture of them.

The first says “The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms.” Like Gary said I have. Like others say I have. Which makes me happy to hear.

The second says “The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” Well, truth be told, everyone has been so supportive in all this … nobody has said I cannot … yet. So I would say “The great pleasure in life is discovering something you never thought about doing … and enjoy immensely.”

So I guess now the pressure is on to do a good blog entry every day … hoping that folks won’t stop talking to me for fear of being tomorrows topic … I love this stuff …  let’s see …

“It was a dark and stormy night …”