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Okay … so maybe this isn’t making me totally joyful … but it will … I swear it will … eventually … right?

Today My Friend Ann and Texas Linda are over here at the house … and we are tearing down the ceiling in the front room … you know … Of the “There’s a leak in the roof” front room? Of the “I just painted the walls” front room? Of the “where WAS my mind when we started this” front room?

Yeah, that front room.

Have you ever looked at what is up above a ceiling that was put up there, say, oh fifty years ago? Well, let me save you the effort and show you …

And that picture was taken AFTER we had already swept and shoveled and bagged about thirty 40 gallon Hefty Bags full of this crapola.

It seemed that every time we got from the door to the windows and could see the floor, another set of ceiling boards was taken down and the floor would vanish under yet another round of boards and crud and whatnot. And we would have to shovel and sweep once more.

Talk about a Perfect Storm.

I think in a prior life it was blown insulation of the paper variety. Surprisingly, there were no dead animal bodies up there … surprising because this area is a veritable free for all of squirrels, chipmunks, birds, deer, field mice, raccoons, fox and the occasional bear cub.

Now I’m not saying that I looked bad … but when I ran to the Dollar Store for some more garbage bags and some nails, the gal behind the counter looked up and took a step back.

“Woah!” she said. “You sure do look a whole lot different from how you looked a few hours ago when you were in here.”

No kidding …

I am so fortunate to have friends like this to help me like they are helping me … working … sweating … lugging … toting … sawing … bagging ….

And here is a picture of my dear, dear friends as they are helping me … no … wait … where are they going? Probably just stepping outside for a breath of fresh air … right?


I stopped counting the bags of crud at fifty … and the stack of former beadboard from the ceiling is overwhelming.

I am exceedingly grateful. I have to admit that there was a point a few hours ago when I highly doubted that I would ever see the floor again.  Or my skin clean again.

So my Happy Holly happiness at this point consists as much at being done as it does anything else.

Here is a picture of the floor again.


 Pizza and Pop for everyone!!