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One thing you need to know about me … I am a fundamentally lazy person.

This is good because I am usually able to find the most efficient ways to do things.

But today was a day that just amazed me.

I guess I am taking this Labor Day weekend thing a little bit too literally here. Today was hot. Today was humid. Today was one of those days you probably shouldn’t work hard.

But we did.

We being me, My Friend Ann, and my friend Texas Linda. 

And as Ann said at one point “I don’t mind the heat, and I don’t mind the humidity, and I don’t mind the sweating … but this sweat pouring down my face and into my eyes has got to go.”

I wish I had pictures to show you … but I am typing this on my trusty netpad … the “real” computer is disassembled and sitting in the TV room. And I am too lazy to figure out how to attach the camera and …

Allow me to explain.

For many years … 15? 17? … I lived with a hoarder. I didn’t know for sure that he was the hoarder until he left.

Actually, I was pretty well convinced that I was the hoarder. After all, Martha Stewart I am not. Neither am I Betty Crocker.

And besides that … he told me that I was the hoarder in the household.

Forget the many and sundry collections in the house … hundreds of magnets … 5 shortwave radios … 8 pairs of headphones … 6 pairs of glasses … 20 pairs of sunglasses … 6 cameras … numerous radios, receivers, AV systems, stereo systems and the like … easily 300 different RCA cords, wires, RGB cords, etc.

Then there was the computer stuff … don’t get me started. And tools. And kitchen appliances, knives, etc, etc.

But it wasn’t that he was well stocked … it was that if one was good, ten was better … with everything.

That takes room.

And this house is not all that big.

When I went to clean any area, I was told to not clean his stuff, but to concentrate on my stuff.

I was about to turn myself in to one of those hoarding shows for help. Did you ever see one of them?

Well, after he left and all his various collections and whatnot was removed from the house, it kind of looked like the TV shows after all the things are removed.

Except my plumbing and large appliances still worked.

And I discovered that I was not the hoarder in this household after all.

Since he left, I have been working to reclaim this house as my own … to repair the damage and make it livable. To make it mine.

You have probably seen the blog entries about how, with the incredible help of my friends Ann and Linda, I have reclaimed the front sitting porch … a room that has been used for various purposes over the years.

When I posted a picture on Facebook a few days ago of the front room, there were more than a few encouraging comments.

Not the least of these were from two young ladies who have helped clean my house in the past … but who have not seen the room since it was in the “before” condition. And they certainly knew how bad the before really was.

From the first one …

omg omg omg omg … I can’t believe this is the same room that used to have all that junk piled to the ceiling.

And then from the other one …

let me pick my jaw up from the table!!! SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It made me happy, needless to say.

So today, and not really because it was Labor Day weekend, the dynamic trio sprang into action once more.

This time to begin to reclaim the Living Room. It is approximately 12 feet by 22 feet large.

First all the furniture that was to go back in was moved to the TV room.

The tools that were to remain in the house to be used for the ongoing reclaiming were taken to the newly reclaimed front room.

Then the things that were to be kept in the house were taken to the rooms they belonged in.

Half of the room had cheesy fake wood peel and stick tiles that were left over from the time I used the living room as a warehouse.

Don’t ask.

The other half had carpeting that had definitely seen better days.

So, although I had been taking the tiles up on one half of the room in preparation for today, there were still some odds and ends that needed done there. And they were done. And of course the tiles needed to be taken out of the house.

Then the remaining clutter of yours truly that didn’t need tossed, but didn’t need to take up house space, was loaded into Linda’s truck. She and I then took it to the large storage unit used for business storage for me.

This was no small feat and the items covered much of bottom of the truck bed. And then we returned to the house.

At this point we saw that in our absence, Ann had single-handedly taken up the carpet and the padding underneath on the other half of the room … uncovering some more linoleum / tiling left from a previous house owner.

Linda sprang into action and started to take up the antiquated linoleum while I snuck out and … I mean … while I went and got us all pizza. And while driving I realized that as long as the carpet and tiles were up … and we had not yet done the goo-gone adhesive removal and the floor sanding … this would be the ideal time to paint the room.

As I took some “not quite before” pictures of the living room, I was suddenly struck with the mental picture of what this room was going to look like once all the work was done.

I was speechless.

This is all being done with the hard work, sweat and efforts of three women … three friends … none of whom would be considered young or in great shape.

While munching on pizza, Linda turned to me and said “You know, I am really proud of us.”

I am proud of us too.