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… No … not Baseball Season. That started a few weeks ago, I think.

augustaAnd no, not the Masters Golf season. That is going on right now. I know this only because my brother is down in Augusta enjoying the whole thing.

And no, not any other kind of season you are probably thinking of right now.

This, my dear readers, is the start of the Holly Begins Work On Her House Again season.

For those of you who have been constant readers here, you know a bit about how this has been going.

Last year, shortly after this blog began, I started … in earnest … to reclaim my house after having lived for many, many years with a hoarder.

You’ve seen the TV shows?

No, the house was not quite that bad … but then you can be the judge of that. I have provided pictures here.

Of the front room.
Of the living room which is now my creative space.
Of the stairway.
Of the upstairs hallway.
Of the bedroom.
Of the bathroom.
Of the new metal roof.

So now begins this new season. Highlights are planned to include the following …

The dining room currently being used as a TV room.
The kitchen.
The second bedroom.
The final touches on the front room … now that there are no more major holes in the roof.
The outside … specifically the painting of the outside.

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers (Photo credit: El Frito)

Most people address the advent of the Spring Season by putting their winter clothes away. Or perhaps by purchasing a very nice outfit for Easter.

Some putter around in their garden … planting new flowers or plants to grow well throughout the season.


Here I wait on doing anything outside … to make sure there are not going to be any more snowstorms. The temperature is falling even as I type and they had two feet of snow the other day in the Midwest. This is that front I’m guessing. The groundhog is nowhere to be seen for obvious reasons.

Legal issues as I understand it.

But the one thing that without a doubt heralds the beginning of the Holly Begins Work On Her House Again season?

The re-emergence of the Painting Clothes. The ones that, last summer, were known to find their way to the dirty laundry bag under their own steam.

And wearing those self-same painter clothes … freshly laundered … and having already helped my friend Linda with some pre-season painting … she and I ventured to the local big box store … where I purchased two chairs and a small table to match the settee / sofa / loveseat that is out in the front room.

To be picked up tomorrow morning.

After all that poor room has been though with the roof. Now that it is safe to apply window treatments to the front room, it seemed the least I could do. To buy the room a new piece of furniture or two.

They rock.

And swivel.

Pictures at 11. Or I guess that would be Pictures on the 12th.