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Have you ever travelled through a place you have never been before … then felt like you fell through a rabbit hole? Now you know how my day went.

As part of our weekend excursion which I talked a bit about yesterday, Texas Linda and I were cruising down the road today … talking about the Civil War. She is a big fan of the “War of Northern Aggression” and all things History.

And you cannot seem to go ten feet in any direction in this part of the country without tripping over a Civil War plaque, site, graveyard or battlefield.

And so part of our weekend travelling had to include Civil War talk … and visits. Aiding us in this endeavor was my trusty Tom-Tom … which was called into action for the occasion.

While driving down the road I felt a little like that commercial for whatever the company … I cannot seem to find a current clip of it online but I am thinking you know it.

The GPS says “Turn Right!!!” The driver swings right and crashes … at which point the GPS sagely says “… after 100 yards.”

After plugging the cemetery, which held the gravesites we wanted pictures of, into the GPS we started down the unknown roads. Civil War era places flashed by and our conversation continued. As we drove down a small obviously privately paved back road … is the GPS supposed to take you down a badly self paved road called “Brick Road”? … we came to the intersection.

And I realized, as the old song said … I’ve been down this road before … today, if I am not mistaken. We followed the directions spoken to us and continued on our way, till the road dwindled to almost nothing.

At this point Tom-Tom … Tom to those of us who know him well … said “Turn Left, then Turn Left again.” I looked at the small screen.

The arrow pointed us to turn right. There was no left.

Actually a left would have taken us into the river. Or the Dollar Store. So, needing nothing at the Dollar Store, I made a right and continued.

At this point we started coming up with alternate names for the beloved GPS.

“How about Holly?” I suggested. “Use it for a short while and then cast it aside.”

“Or Linda?” she suggested. “Keep it in the dark and feed it …” well, you get the picture.

“You know” I said “this isn’t the first time a man has taken me for a ride in this part of the country.”

Oh. How. True.

“I think Tom-Tom has had a Drink-Drink last Night-Night” added Linda. It certainly seemed that way.

Now, lest you think that this trip was all for naught, we did indeed eventually find the cemetery we were looking for … even if it had more to do with signs than GPS guidance. And I have several old pictures here of Civil War era graves.

Here are a few pictures of Civil War era headstones.

In addition to that, on this trip I discovered the color I want to paint my house. It is one of the ones from the Homestead Resort called Homestead Resort Sunwash. For those who don’t know, this is a beautiful extremely pre-Civil War (1766) establishment which boasts of being the birthplace of Southern hospitality.

Turns out that Valspar decided to take these beautiful colors and work with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and make them available to people. I think Lowe’s carries this brand if I am not mistaken.

We also saw this beautiful pre-Civil War house which I think would serve well as a cover model for a tell-all book I’d like to write.

And although we ended the day today sitting on the comfortable porch of yet another pre-Civil War house, I think the one in the picture is incredible.

But at one point, we had the distinct feeling that we had fallen down the rabbit hole … and I swear we hadn’t had the small pill or the large one.

Looking for a place to have lunch, it appears that the best place in this little town outside of nowhere was frequented by dinosaurs.

But most comforting of it all is the sure knowledge that Snow White and her Seven Diminutive Friends are happily ensconced in a raised ranch out in the country.

Retirement suits her.

I definitely need to get out more often.