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… not like a real driver driver, you understand … but like an oh lets take a long trip driver driver.

Back in the days when I vacationed on an island in Canada … with my ex-husband and his extended family … it was not unusual for me to drive the entire 550 mile trek between Pennsylvania and Ontario in one fell swoop … often with a small child or two in tow.

One of my more favorite activities in the not too distant past was to jump in the car and just head out for a few days … with no particular destination in mind. And drive for hours until I / we got there … wherever there might end up being.

So it was not unusual today, after many hours of driving yesterday, to drive for several more hours. Except that last night was spent in the amiable company of someone who was even more social than I am.

Followed by not nearly enough sleep last night.

So the day started with a hearty motel free breakfast and continued from there. I am now at the end of the day.

In a nutshell, my enthusiasm has somewhat … shall we say … waned by now.

8:00 – Rise and shine … and prepare to meet the day.
8:45 – Eat breakfast, drink copious amounts of coffee, and meet several other people in the lobby who were on an even longer trip than I was.
9:15 – Set out in the car.
10:00 – Realize that there was probably another faster way to get to the destination, but what the heck … the skies are blue and the weather is crisp.
10:30 – The day is nice and I have been driving along the road in clear site of endless water for quite a while. The water is phenomenal, but then, I have driven a lot in the last two days.

10:45 – Arrive at the first destination of the day … and consider myself blessed to have such a nice car and take a few minutes to admire the beautiful countryside.
11:00 – Take a few pictures, consider a few options for the Happy Holly Project blog entry today and mentally lay out the rest of the day.
12:15 – Complete the daily task at hand and begin the long drive toward home … more or less … with as much enthusiasm as a beautiful day can have.

1:30 – I have been driving for a while here haven’t I? But the day is great and it is better to be on the road than stuck at home.
2:15 – Knowing a better route, I decide to ignore Tom … of Tom-Tom. After all I have been down this road before, haven’t I?
3:00 – Tom recalculates … for the sixth time … and I try my best to pay attention to the GPS directions.
3:35 – My back starts to really kink … how many more hours did I say I would drive today? And will the driver police or blog police care if I don’t do what I had planned?

4:10 – This is the third time Tom has told me to turn right … in a place that has a road that bends only to the left. No that is not entirely true. The last time it told be to make a right, then make another right. That would have landed me in the lake. Starting to feel some deja vu from another trip.
5:00 – Now realize the benefits of regular GPS map updating … which I have not done. How can this recalculate constantly and keep making the ultimate arrival time later and later?

6:00 – Whose idea was it to go on this trip anyway? And would it really hurt if I decided to alter my plans just a bit?
6:30 – I have had it with driving. I refuse to drive another inch. I want to sleep. I want a long hot shower. I want to never see another highway.

All I will say at this point is that tomorrow at this time, I will be in my own bed in my own room in my own house.

Anyone know how to telekinetically transport myself without any more driving?