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I know I said yesterday was going to be the last in this series of posts, but something happened that made me so happy, it deserved its own entry as a Happy Holly Project post.

I got the pictures from the Professional Photographer I mentioned in the last few days.

These are the pictures of several of the characters that I talked about yesterday. He has put them out there in its own special album for folks to go look, admire … and buy. By all means buy.

And if pictures of people is not your idea of great art, then I have no doubt that his “real” pictures … the ones of the Steam Locomotive and others … will be ones you will want for your own collection.

And in another shameless plug, here is his Facebook Photography page.

But so much for a word from our sponsor. Here are the pictures.

I decided to show them all here … some with comments or captions … and if you have any suggestions for alternate captions, suggest away.

First, let me catch up on the characters from yesterday … at least some of them. First we have Hair Guy … and his pet hair. I told you it was tall.

And then we have the Harley Guy … and Harley Dog … no captions are needed here.

And then there is Vest Guy. I didn’t have pictures of Vest Guy yesterday, but you can see why I thought him noteworthy.

There were many folks making more than subtle fashion statements there. And although the pictures don’t do them all justice, this will give you an idea of the style that was there. Or Not.

Always a nice fashion touch to have your tag hanging out …

There is the Cool Hat look …

… the Hat with Umbrella look …

… and the No Hat “Our Lady of the Perpetual Jheri Curl” look.

I did mention that it rained on Monday, didn’t I? Buckets and buckets of rain. Not a good thing for a person with naturally curly hair as it turns out.

There were also more than a handful of attitudes displayed there … as shown in the pictures here … a whole lot of arms folded across the chest and hands in pockets whatever that means.

There’s “my camera is bigger than your camera” …

and “Just put you hands in your pockets. She’ll think you’re cool.”
(Shannon just pointed out the camera wrapped in a towel … left side)

and “Who does that guy think he is with a Harley Dog?”
There’s “Get me out of here … please.”

and “Ignore the Vest Guy and maybe he will go away.”

“Why is that guy sitting on the back of the bench instead of down here like he is supposed to?”

“I don’t care if you ARE wearing a PRR hat and shirt … I am not impressed.”

Father and Son bonding.
“The chicks are over there …”

The Old White Guys corner … up close and at a distance.

And “I am the King of the World”
flanked by two versions of
“This was the only seat left in the place.”

Everyone was in touch … and to show you pictures of people with cell phones would be repetitive. Cell phones with cameras, cell phones without cameras, cell phones with train sounds, cell phones with apps of train sounds, cell phones with apps of where the Locomotive was … and possibly the worst cell phone reception in the County.

But here are a few representative pictures of people staying in touch … more or less.

And finally, we have the pictures of the folks with cameras … lots and lots and lots of cameras. Little cameras, big cameras, professional cameras, toy cameras … well, you get the idea.

And here are the pictures of … the cameras.

“I want to get that shot … ahhh, much better with my glasses off.”

Everyone had cameras …


Some had iPad Cameras …

… even the Amish had cameras. Well, at least camera bags.

And the folks took pictures of everything … and I mean everything. After all, what else was there to do during the hours of waiting for the train to come through? Except talk, eat hot dogs, and take pictures.

Pictures of a train going past … even though it was not the Steam Locomotive …

Pictures of people taking Pictures of you.

Pictures of people taking Pictures of people taking Pictures of you.

“Hey, I haven’t gotten a picture of the back of this guy’s head yet.”

But my absolute favorite two of the pictures that were supplied to me today are the following two. Absolutely made me laugh out loud when I saw them. Let me preface them both with the fact that many shots were to be had … and that it had rained … buckets … and many creative ways were devised to keep cameras dry.

“Lord, please let this shot turn out the way I want.”

“Yeah, a Doritos Bag … that will work.”

Once more I would like to thank Shannon Allison of Shannon Allison Photography for all of the pictures in the blog today.

Hey, if this guy can do this well on a rainy day with no set-up or special lighting … imagine what he can do when he tries?