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alltime… yes, I know … you really wanted to know about the Storm … Nemo … that is headed our way. But it is not here … yet.

Tomorrow maybe.

So instead I thought I’d write about what made me happy this morning.

Going out to my dashboard here in Happy Holly Project Land, I am always amazed by the countries that check in over night from around the world.

And so part of the happiness that started my day was the myriad of countries that have been reading my humble offerings here.

Yesterday had several countries represented … after a day with lots of them … and that went on right through to this morning with even more countries.

And I just looked at the list of countries this month and was amazed … to say the least.

today yesterday thismonth

And then I noticed the little star at the top of the dashboard that indicates that a fellow blogger has “liked” one of my posts.

This is indeed a high honor. Because these are folks who do this same daily blogging as well.

Kind of makes me wish I could throw a party or something and invite you all over … from all over.

Then the message that really caught my attention:



But in all honesty this is a little bit of a misnomer. As in not quite accurate.

Reality is that this reflects one hundred … 101 actually … fellow bloggers.

There are another half-dozen folks who follow me via email … they count.

And another half-dozen who follow by virtue of messages … they count too.

And there are almost thirty folks following through Facebook (I haven’t reached out to Twitter or LinkedIn yet.) They are some of my most loyal constant readers and most definitely count.

And I know there is a handful of folks … like my parents … who read me regularly … and are not reflected in any of the official counts I have mentioned. Lord knows that they count.

This is even more amazing when you realize that I don’t write about any one thing in particular. Okay, so humor and irony seem to make repeat visits … but one day I will write about photography … one day about grief … one day about weather … one day about the stupid bird in my front room or the bat that flew in the window or the field mouse that took a dive into the blender.

And the only thing connecting the dots is that these are things from my not always boring life … it makes me happy … usually … and you have chosen to read my writings.

I am grateful more than you know.


And keep coming back.