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Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day !!!

The tenth anniversary of it, if my information is correct. So I could not let the day go by without getting some kind of happiness out of it all.

My day started with a call from Texas Linda … informing me that today was International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Not sure exactly why she felt I should know this, but she did.

I dressed in yellow and black … homage to the Pittsburgh Pirates … and set about getting joy from Pirates.

Back in the day … a long long time ago … there was a boy I went to High School with. As I recall he kissed pretty well in the kissing games we all played. I grew up to be, well, me.

He grew up to be a Pirate.

I’m thinking it was the thirty years in the Navy that had some effect on him, but who knows?

He is a Constant Reader here at the Happy Holly Project, and has given me permission to use some of his pictures … to show what a true Pirate looks like.

I think he fits the bill rather nicely, don’t you?

Here is his picture from a magazine … a Pirate Magazine. I think it is called “Under The Black Flag”. Not sure when he was in it.

(Update: I didn’t give his name in case he wanted to be subtle about that whole Pirate thing … he said “Should have told ye my shipboard name.” It is Capt’n Bri-Bones.  Of the good ship Kapuna K. Thanks, Capt’n)

This would make him an official Pirate, I’m thinking.

Here is a picture of one of his Shipmates … holding a small Merman.

I said the Merman was cute …

I said that I wouldn’t mind being shipwrecked on an island with his Shipmate.

He called me a Saucy Wench.

Was that a compliment?

And just so you know it is not only skin deep, when he celebrates holidays, he eats with his Pirate heritage in mind.

On Thanksgiving last year, he posted a picture of his Thanksgiving Turkey for one and all to see.

The secret is paprika, I believe. Paprika and a great sense of fun.

Here is the location that my friend the Pirate went to recently for his vacation with his family.

Yes that is a Pirate Flag … and yes that is his family up on the widows walk … or whatever it is called in Florida.

And if you cannot see them in that picture, here is a really nice family portrait … gathered around a cannon, I think.  Nothing like a nice family gathering around the weapons of the day, eh?

It appears that this Pirate thing is hereditary, too. If I am not mistaken, this would be the third generation of Pirate-ness in the family … at least.

For several years now Facebook has given the option of using Pirate Speak, as it were.

Basically you have “Home Port” instead of “Home” … “scour fer mateys” instead of “search for friends” … “scrawl” instead of “write” … “Arr! · weigh in · cast overboard · Blabber t’ yer mates” instead of “Like – Comment – Follow – Share”.

You get the idea.

You can still do this even with the new Timeline feature.  Its “English (Pirate)” in the list of languages. Click Here for directions from PC world on how to do it.

According to my friend, there is even an official Talk Like A Pirate Day song.

I’m also thinking today would be the day to get the answers to all those unanswered questions, like …

Was it a compliment to be called a Saucy Wench?
Why would Timbers Shiver?
What is A Hoy anyway?

How many R’s in Arrr?

A mutual friend suggested that my friend the Pirate should head to a Krispy Kreme. I guess if you talk like a Pirate there, you get a free donut … if you dress like Jack Sparrow, you get a dozen.

My friend replied that the CEO of Krispy Kreme is a pirate. 

Wouldn’t you know.

I’m guessing he’ll get a dozen.