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… is there a Twelve Step Group for that?

I am a long time procrastinator. I have always been a procrastinator. I can’t help myself. I am fundamentally lazy. Procrastination works well with that.

Back when I was a child I put off cleaning my room until the last minute. Then cleaned it by stuffing things under the bed or in the closet. That is what a good procrastinator does.

Back in High School I used to listen to the radio at night. Baseball Games were on all through summer, but when there wasn’t a game they had a talk show … long before the angry haranguing talk shows of today.

Back then it was light-hearted fare.

And one day they had the President of the Procrastinators Society. A card-carrying member. Official Procrastinators Card. And I wanted one.

But I never got around to getting one.

I’d like to show you the oldest and most authentic Procrastinators Group here, but I never bothered to look it up way back when.

There is a webring out there that looks pretty old. And they have the following quote.

The webring of the The Procrastination Society. Procrastinators around the world unite! (Please don’t email me about your application to join – I’ll get around to reviewing your site … eventually …)

I remember on the radio station, the man said “We have several thousand members officially … and several millions unofficially.”

That would be me. One of the many unofficial members.

Flash forward to now and there have been many instances of procrastination. Late homework, late time cards, late payments … lots of late things.

I have three daughters.

Not sure that they inherited my procrastination in as large measure as I have it. Must take after their Father.

Flash forward to today.

I was going to return the faulty staple gun. I was going to program a database for somebody. I was going to download all my before and after pictures. I was going to do a Happy Holly Project entry about the renovation.

But here I am procrastinating.

The day started with an unsettled nights sleep, rain pouring down in buckets, a small pond in my front room from the ever-present roof holes, and a troubling email from a friend that indicated a shift in relationships.

It proceeded to helping a disabled friend bathe two dogs, and other general running around … in the rain. By the time I got home, one things was apparent.

This was a good day for an afternoon nap.

The staple gun is in the car, the database sits on the laptop untouched, the pictures are on the camera and the blog entry is about … procrastinating.

Maybe tomorrow.