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… I’m not, right?

So then why have I started to look over my shoulder here?

It actually started yesterday when I was talking to a woman who said she was a medium.

All the bad jokes of years gone by flashed through my mind … ending up with a line from an old I Love Lucy show.

Lucy: Mr. Maryweather, I’d like to present Madame Ethel Mertzola. She’s going to be our medium tonight. She’s psychopathic!
Fred: Presenting Raya, the medium. Well done, Medium Raya

We are going to ignore the fact that it is all these years later and I just now picked up on the fact that Lucy calls Ethel psychopathic … not psychic.

I am thinking the medium … not psychic … picked up on my lack of sincerity because one of the first things she said to me was “You have an aura.”

Always being up for any novel experiences, I had to ask “And what color is my aura?”

“Black” she replied.

“Black?” I countered?

“Black with Rusty Brown … for renewal and rebirth and reconstruction.”

I am pretty sure I had gotten all the paint off my glasses from the recent reconstruction projects around here.

On looking up “Aura – Black” on the all-knowing Google, I see that is not the best color to have “one who knows” tell you your aura is colored.

But no matter. I am not superstitious.

Today my friend Linda showed me where she had cut her finger badly in her recent home construction project. And I expressed appropriate shock and dismay over such a wound.

On leaving the house I had to stop at the end of the road to allow a cat to cross. A black cat. But I am not superstitious so … no problems.

I went from there to the local framing store. When I pulled out the poster that I wanted framed, the gal behind the counter jumped a foot, her eyes got big as saucers and she pointed to the rolled up poster saying “Aaaah. Aaaah. Aaaah.”

Thinking she was impressed with my choice of art I failed to notice the exceedingly large spider which had taken up residence on the brown paper around the outside of the poster. At the point I saw it, I swatted it to the floor and appropriately squooshed it.

I’m thinking that excludes me from Buddhist honor roll this week.

But no problems, I am not superstitious … not for black cats … not for spiders … not for black auras …

On to get my hair done. Always a nice thing to do for yourself. And surely out of all these things I am doing there will be a Happy Holly entry here somewhere.

On walking into the shop, everyone is very quiet and a few people are running around like crazy …  so I sat down to wait my turn. At about that point I realize that the people running around are coming with various wet cloths to mop up … blood.

On asking one of them what had happened I was told … “One of our stylists cut her finger … very very badly.”  And I expressed appropriate shock and dismay over such a wound. Again.

But no problems. Blood does not make me queasy and I am not superstitious about that either. But it is kind of strange to have that happen twice in one day, no?

After I was done, I headed back to the framing shop. On entering the shop, the two people behind the counter were busy with customers, so I took a few minutes to look around the store.

When it was my turn I asked if I could pick up the framed poster that was to have been done earlier in the day.

They both looked at each other … and one spoke up. “Well, your framing has not been done. It hasn’t even been started. I’m sorry.”

I had a bit of a quick retort on the tip of my tongue when the one clerk said “The framer had to leave suddenly. She cut her finger really really badly.” And I expressed appropriate shock and dismay over such a wound. For the third time today.

Yea, I’m not superstitious but three times in one day? Seriously?

There is a woman whose blog I read who describes moments such as these as her “I Love Lucy” moments.

Just a coincidence, right? Medium Raya?

Now I am not a superstitious person … but I am now safely at home. Nowhere near ladders, black cats, salt shakers, or anything with the number 13 associated with it.

I would suggest that if you are a constant reader you avoid sharp knives and their proximity to your fingers.

After all,  I am not superstitious, but a little safety precaution never hurt anyone, right?

Couldn’t hurt.