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For those of you who have been following the restoration of my house … post living with a hoarder … I thought it might be nice to give you the latest update.

Just for starters, here is the current view from my desk here. This is what I sometimes look at while typing these entries. The windows are behind me and to my right … wouldn’t want to be too distracted, right?

You might notice, if you have eagle eyes, that the room is a bit softer now … as is my bedroom … and I will give detailed updated pictures at the end of this blog entry of those.

But first … the hallway upstairs.

I am thinking of naming the hallway the Texas Linda Memorial Hall in honor of all the sanding that she did on the floor. Not that I am lazy you understand … but she did the sanding. No drum sanders were harmed in the sanding of the hall … only the small hand sander.

It all started with horrible looking carpet and all the things that needed gone through from the bedroom re-do. Much of it … including the carpet … was thrown out. The good stuff went where the good stuff was supposed to go.

The hallway now looks like this … with a nice long throw rug, some wood (fake) blinds, and the new face plates and light globe. Almost like a real house, I would say.

It still needs to have some nice curtains, which have not presented themselves yet … and the shadow box.

The shadow box is for the best eight dollar tool … ever. And yes, there will be a blog entry about it. It has been used for everything except the purpose it was designed for. The shadow box is sitting on my dresser … waiting for its use to wind down. After all, I don’t want to be taking it out and putting it back in the shadow box daily.

Now, about the bathroom. Let me mention a few words about the water in this house.

It. Stinks.

Not literally, of course. But it is well water. With lots of minerals in it. So in order to clean the bathtub, sink and toilet, the folks in this area … all of whom use well water … use a wonderful toilet bowl cleaner … Sno-Bol … to clean with in order to remove the stains.

I am sure the Sno-Bol people wonder why the local Dollar Store sells so much … we are all just grateful that they have it. So when you see the picture with the blue toilet bowl cleaner in the sink, you will understand.

And here is how the bathroom looks now … complete with new curtains, matching shower curtain, liner, rugs … you know … all the good bathroom stuff.


Now, as promised, here are some pictures of the former living room, which is now my creative space. Basically, I have added pictures on the wall, and a throw rug under my desk, but have not added curtains yet. I like the open look of the white woodwork … so until the weather gets cold … really cold … I plan to keep the windows uncurtained.

If you look carefully, you will see the two Pittsburgh cartoons … one of Calvin and Hobbes … one autographed of Pearls Before Swine. And behind me here are two pictures … one of coffee … also known as Writers Fuel … and the other of that saying … about writing. Zoom in on it if you want to read it.

All the things on the wall, as well as its color, make me happy. Unfailingly.

And above the roll top trunk here is my wooden Chess Board. The trunk holds my antique, classic, and just fun board games. Plus a few card games. And in front is a wooden Cribbage Board that was hand-made for me in 1980 by a dear friend.

What can I say? I like board games. For the artistic look of them as well as the playing of them.

If I ever found a man who enjoyed board games like I do, I might just have to consider falling in love again.


Then last, but certainly not least, are the updated pictures of the bedroom. You will notice the addition of curtains and bamboo rods … the alligator chest given to me by Toozie (now holding cedar planks and linens) and the large picture of VanGogh’s Almond Blossoms. Also, if your eyes are sharp, you will see a small display of peacock feathers.

I also tilted the two bedside stands. Not sure if that will stay. Might put the whole bed on angle … better feng shui … maybe not.

And winter curtains will be put up … again when the weather gets horrid. And if one presents itself, maybe a chaise of some kind to sit in and write in.

Oh, and the last two pictures are of nice material that I am making two throw pillows from. I have the material, I have the stuffing, I have the fabric glue … I just don’t have the pillows done. I believe I may have mentioned that I can be a procrastinator at times.


Please feel free to click on any of the pictures to get a better look. And if you have any ideas … I am always willing to listen.

I may not do it … but I will listen.


It has been brought to my attention that the four pictures are not large enough to read … so here they are … larger.