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… and it wasn’t the first time I did something like that. And I have to admit it … it made me feel great … happy … exhilarated.

I remember the first one … the first time.

The day was bright and warm … and the adrenaline was flowing through my veins. I had been planning this for quite some time. And I had my weapon of choice.

It was red … of course … and the color only made me more intent on my purpose. As I drove up and down the aisles of the parking lot, the tension grew. And then … I saw her. Perfect.

A quick glance around assured me that nobody would see. After all, there were no cameras in the lot … except that one …

Well, it was quick and painless … and I shot her.

Nobody noticed … and I made a quick getaway to the safety of another parking lot in the area. I wondered what kind of ramifications there might be if I was caught. What might I be charged with?

The excitement of the first one filled me with a kind of odd pleasure. That I had done something that most folks would not consider doing. And certainly not in the full light of day.

I was hooked.

And as most obsessions or addictions go, this was not to be the last time I did it. It has become almost like a hobby … almost. Except I cannot seem to control myself. I am a serial shooter, I suppose.

I had not really done any shooting before … well, certainly not like this. And since this has only been going on since this summer, I thought “Maybe I will be able to blog about this.”

But of course, I was concerned about it. What would people think if they knew? What legalities was I letting myself in for?

What if I got caught?

But I never have been caught. At least not yet. Today was a close call.

While driving around the area, looking for the most likely victim, my mind recalled the other times … mostly by day … but sometimes at night. Usually around here … but occasionally out of town.

And yes, although I often have done the shootings up close, on foot, I have also done it from my car. I guess that officially qualifies as a drive-by shooting, right? It is harder to do while you are driving.

There were a few that got away before I had a chance to shoot them. They turned down a street, or I was caught at a light … and could no longer follow them.

Usually the person has no idea. That is part of the thrill.

Although I must admit one time I was confronted and had a chance to talk to him … before I shot him. But that is not usually the way it happens.

Today, I was out looking for a likely target. They have to be worth shooting, after all. Can’t do this to just anyone. They had to have that certain something … that unique quality … that thing which makes me … happy. Dare I say, that thing that makes me laugh?

As I drove around, I noticed the police car in the rear view mirror. This was the third time I had seen him … in only a few short minutes. Could he be following me? Did he suspect? Or was this just his normal set of rounds for the day?

I decided to pull into a spot and pretend that I was going shopping. And that was the last I saw of the police.

But not the victim.

Yes, I found another one to shoot today. Several, in fact.

As a matter of fact there have been upwards of a hundred of them.

Personalized License Plates.


You thought I was talking about something else?

What else would I shoot with a red Nikon camera?

And yes, some of them were amazing … and no, I have not been stopped … yet. But I am here to tell you, there were indeed quite a few good ones that got away.

But for the rest … well, I think I will post some of the pictures here over the next few days so you can get the same happiness and laughter I have gotten from them.

Now, which ones to pick …