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Health… will leave us.


Many years ago a small group of friends adopted a lifestyle which promised many good things if we followed the rules. Listed them in fact.

And way down at the bottom of the promises it said “Fear Of People and Economic Insecurity will leave us.” or words to that effect.

We all rejoiced.

Especially me. I was poor. And I already had no Fear Of People. Bring on the Removal of Economic Insecurity.

Then, after a while, we read the fine print. It was Fear Of People and Of Economic Insecurity … not the Economic Insecurity itself … that would leave us.

Flash forward almost 25 years … and I thought of those words today.

As I looked at my meager bank balance.

Pretty sure that getting below $100 is justifiable cause for fear.

No money has come in for well over a month.

It was time to switch into action … kick it into high gear.

Went to the bank.

With a piece of paper that promised me several hundred dollars to be restored to my account.

Will be restored. 

In a few days.

Went to the office that owed me money.

Was told to call from that phone over there. All would be taken care of.

Noticed that there were five others who walked in before me all waiting to do the same thing.

And five more after me.

When my turn came, I made the call. Was put on hold.

Four times.

For forty-five minutes.

Good thing I have no fear of people, or those dagger-like stares of those waiting behind me might have made me a bit nervous.

Finally it was promised that all would be well. Money would be wired to my account.

In a few days.

Didn’t mention that this was the fourth time such a promise had been made.

Went home .

Just in time to meet the truck from the Post Office … and was handed the envelope containing the first check from the Insurance Company.

With a large smile, I opened the envelope and saw the check … made out to me … and the Mortgage Company.

Smile fades.

Off to the Credit Union

Just to see if it can be deposited anyway. Optimism runs deep in me, doesn’t it?

Told to go get signature from Mortgage Company. I pay the Mortgage Company … a small home equity loan, actually … by mail.

Go to Mortgage Company.

See new sign on Mortgage Company.

Same location. Same interior. Same staff.

New Mortgage Company.

And they suggest I call the Old Mortgage Company.

Back to the Credit Union.

Told to go back and get the check stamped by New Mortgage Company with a note saying they used to be Old Mortgage Company.

Back to Old / New Mortgage Company.

Told that they are “not permitted” to do things like that anymore.

Back to Credit Union.

Told that the manager who can handle this just went home for the day.

Think, not for the first time, that things like this only happen to me.

Talked at length about Old Mortgage Company. Teller dislikes them and their policies almost as much as me.

Wish, not for the first time, that I had refinanced the house with the Credit Union.

Go back Home.

Made myself a cup of coffee. Sat down. Turned on the computer and contemplated my next move … after a rousing game of Solitaire.

Called the Insurance Company.

I admit it. I called the Insurance Company first. They are really nice. They have been really helpful. And they don’t yell at me. Like the Old Mortgage Company.

The names Dewey, Cheatum and Howe must appear in the Board of Directors of the Old Mortgage Company somewhere. They must.

Good thing I have no Fear Of People.

Was told that I needed to send the check to the Old Mortgage Company for them to sign it first.

Called the Old Mortgage Company.

Was assured that if I just sent them the check they would be happy to sign it … and send it right back to me.

In a few days.

Now call my cynical … “you’re cynical” … but a not too small part of me is highly suspicious of the company that has pulled more than one financial stunt on me in the past.

(Old) Three Notch Post Office

Go to the Post Office.

And send the check to the Old Mortgage Company.

With all the Certified Registered Return Receipt Insured Priority options I can get. After I take a picture of the front and back of the check.

I may have no Fear Of People … or Of Economic Insecurity … but I’m not stupid.

Things will all be better.

In a few days.