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Sorry to shout, but … THEY’RE HERE !!! THEY’RE HERE !!!

7:15 AM

Amish WagonsAs dawn rose on this sleepy little house … literally … I had set the alarm for 6AM but was so excited last night that I was up until 3AM. So, not hearing any Amish outside or phones asking for directions, I reset for 6:30 … then again for 7:00.

Just as I was deciding whether to risk another quick half hour of much-needed sleep, I heard the quiet sounds of lumber being unloaded from a trailer and the occasional German lilt.

Funny, I didn’t hear a truck pull up.

7:30 AM

Looking out my window, I saw my neighbor … the one who is having them do a roof in the spring on his own house in the same color … the one who recommended them to me in the first place.

Amish MaterialsWalking out of the house past the men unloading the materials, I heard one say quickly under his breath to the other, who was not seeing me, “English” … and they quickly converted to speaking English.

I was told by the neighbor that they are very respectful of us English, as they call us, and do not offend by speaking in other than English when around us.

Personally I am the beneficiary of two years of High School German and one semester of College German. Now there was a class I didn’t need to place into the second semester of, instead of the first.

But I digress.

As a baby I was taught some German by my Mother and Grandpap … but since “Wie groß bist du” and “wie alt bist du” didn’t seem to be part of their discussions I don’t know if they were saying “Let’s do a nice job for this nice lady” or “Can you believe how some English wear their hair?”

8:30 AM

Ah, the smell of fresh soil … wait a minute … soil?

amish roof gardenTurns out when you live in the midst of trees for twenty years a lot of debris builds up on the roof.

Add to that the branches and whatnot that were not removed by the less than enthusiastic handyman … and you have A-Number-1 Composted Ready-To-Use Soil.

Several inches deep. Formerly on my upper roof. Then on my lower roof.

Currently at different places around my property.

9:01 AM

amish hole in roofThe sound you hear is me smiling … they just took the whole roof off over on the front where the worst of the leaks were … as in half the roof is missing … as in I can see the sky … well, more sky than I used to be able to see up through the roof.

10:30 AM

As I returned from Lowe’s laden with new plywood for the new roof … and some insulation for the area between the ceiling and the roof … I could not help but smile.

amish hole repairedI am not one of those people who needs to do all the work in order to be sure it is done right, or to make it just the way I want it. It is sufficient for me to do the design, or come up with the idea or whatnot … and then let others do what they do far better than I.

They are doing an excellent job.

11:45 AM

Amish LunchAnd they are now taking a lunch break.

As I took the most recent in-progress pictures, I took one picture out the second story hall window of three of them eating their lunch. Stephan looked up just as I did it.

He did not particularly concerned for the well-being of his soul. He chose to sit on one of the outdoor Adirondack Chairs instead of close to the wet ground as the younger men did.

12:51 PM

amish strips for new roofAnd the roof is almost completely prepared for the metal roof.

I did mention that I was getting a metal roof, right?

And gutters … and downspouts … and they are hauling the trash away.

What’s that you say?

Strikes you as odd that I am being so joyful over trash being hauled away and metal roofs and downspout and such?

You haven’t lived with a perpetually leaky roof for months on end, I’m thinking.

4:30 PM

And thus endeth the saga of Hollys’ New Roof … well, at least Part I of the saga.

I will now drive three Amish men, complete with hats, back to their farm for the day. They are going to try to finish the job tomorrow …

Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow.