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… that has to be the reason.Not that it is all that different from my normal days, but just enough to have you wondering “If the world did not come to an end yesterday, what really did happen?”

Maybe it was the Dr. Who thing from yesterday that started it all. I don’t know.

But today started out with me waking in plenty of time to get ready for a monthly breakfast I like to attend. And I was especially looking forward to today.

English: North Carolina 12th Congressional Dis...

English: North Carolina 12th Congressional District (National Atlas) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is political. And I started a We The People petition to Stop Gerrymandering. You know … where they draw the congressional districts in such a convoluted manner as to not have the representatives reflecting the way the voters voted.

Wanted to let folks know.

So although I had heard it raining and lightly snowing last night, it never occurred to me …

Off I went to the car and started it up.  All is good. Car in garage. Snow outside … well except for the small part of the bumper that was sticking out.

I guess I should have suspected something as I backed out the steep driveway and the car slid down onto the road.

Then as I looked to the right down the street … at the end … and there were four cars and a snowplow … all stopped and stuck … blocking the road. 

Snowplow with lights glinting off falling flak...This was not a good sign.

No problem …  I will just turn around and … uh oh.

Car is not backing up.

No problem … I will just go forward and … uh oh.

Car is not going forward either.

Perhaps you have not had the pleasure of driving on sheer ice but … it cannot be done. Even on lumpy sheer ice that is under a small layer of snow … especially in a car with worn out tires.

At this point I saw three more cars coming from the upper direction. Then I remembered this was Saturday Morning … of the Saturday Morning Mens Prayer Meeting that starts at o-dark-thirty and ended … right as I was stuck on the ice.

Quickly realizing that the end of the street that was open was also unreachable by my car … and furthermore, even if I managed to get to that end, after the end of my road was a long steep hill to go over before reaching the main road.

Command decision. I will take a run into my driveway and not do breakfast.

Which would have been a brilliant choice except for the fact that my car would not move. Enter a series of back and forth sliding and slipping … in which I reverted to Plan B.

Get as close to the side of the road as possible and bail out. Which is exactly what I … albeit very slowly … did. And the car is sitting there even as we speak.

I’m thinking the spring thaw is not that far off.

If it gets warm enough tomorrow, I am going to make a run for it to the local tire store and get a few real tires …

Good thing I really like my new and improved house to be happy in … even when I can’t get out.