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Dear Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister Aliyah,

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the very nice Christmas gifts you sent to me and Elijah.

Aliyah, I loved the My Little Ponies … you know, I love ponies too! Ponies and Angels … how did you know?  It even looks like maybe you were sharing your own toys with me. I am so lucky to have a Big Sister like you. I wish we had gotten to play together.

My Big Brother Elijah loved the little truck you sent too.  He is so much fun to play with. When I first got here, he met me and showed me all the beautiful places for us to play and laugh and sing.

DSCN0985Every time we see the toys, and the Angel Teddy Bear and the Stocking with our names we think of you … and how much we love you … just like you love us.

And I get to spend my very first Christmas ever … here with Elijah … and Jesus! How cool is that? 

My very First Christmas and we get to spend it here … and be with Him on His Birthday!

Birthdays are very special, you know. My First Birthday was very special. First I got to see my Mommy … who had been talking to me and thinking about me for a long time before that day. And I got to see my Daddy for the first time. Then I left and got to come here and see Elijah. And on top of all of it, I got to see Jesus … on my Birthday.

He is so very, very nice … just like you think he is. He loves to tell all of us little children stories and let us know how much our Mommies and Daddies love us. And how much He loves them, too.

When Grammy came up today to give us our gifts, she read us the poem about My First Christmas In Heaven.  I think I’m the most excited about that.

IDSCN0986 did have to laugh a little when Grammy brought all the gifts up for us to see today.

It was so so windy.  It must have been, because she had water leaking in her eyes.

So when she tried to light the pretty candle with our names on it, she couldn’t see really well, and then the wind blew some more … and the lighter kept going out and then the candle kept going out.

But you know Grammy … she is really good about sticking to things until they are done. 

And she kept trying until it was lit. I was happy about that. The light in the candle reminds me of the warmth you all have in your hearts for me and Elijah. The warmth that reminds us that we are still a part of you even though we are here.

DSCN0987Did you know that Grammy comes here every month? Every month on the day that was my birthday, she comes to talk to me and bring me balloons … and her eyes are all wet then too.

And sometimes she takes pictures.

I hope she shows you the pictures. It is very pretty there.

Elijah and me, we wanted to let you know we think of you a lot. Our hearts fill with Love when we do. And we hope that your wet eyes get fixed soon. We don’t have wet eyes here. It must be an earth thing.

But mostly I wanted you to know that I love you … we love you … all of you. Grammy too. And one day when you are done doing what needs to be done where you are now, you will get to come here and we can show you all the places to play and laugh and sing …

… and we can play and laugh and sing … together.

And you will see how wonderful it is … How full it is … of love and happiness and joy … and hope.

Especially Hope.

All Our Love for the Christmas Season,
Hope and Elijah

PS – Hug each other for us on Christmas, OK?