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Mea Culpa - Sculpture from Grizedale Forest

Mea Culpa – Sculpture from Grizedale Forest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

… I guess.Do I apologize to the folks who are regular readers and have been waiting around anxiously to read todays installment of the Happy Holly Project?

Nobody like that, you say?

Or do I apologize to the hypothetical new reader who wouldn’t know any differently?

I’d hate to waste a perfectly good apology on a person who never materialized.

Maybe I need to apologize to the reader from the newest country to read here … Switzerland.

But then, maybe they just tripped across me by accident.

OK. Here’s the thing.

I totally forgot about writing this today.

Until about five minutes ago.

Mea culpa, Mea culpa, Mea maxima culpa …

It vaguely crossed my mind when I discovered a copy on my PC of a CD that had been stolen from my car. That certainly made me happy.

And I talked about it when I made my occasional trek to the bastion of mental health here in town today.

And I thought of how the visit of a dear friend tomorrow would be good for the Happy Holly thing for tomorrow.

And I was certainly happy when I was done with the business meeting an hour ago.

And I was even happier when I realized I could put off some last-minute “redding up” till tomorrow morning.

Now I can be a slug tonight.

But until I saw the WordPress Dashboard pop up on my browser as one of my home pages, I had totally forgotten about writing.

And today … of all days.

I have written in this blog … every day … not missing one day … since the day I started this blog.

And today … today is blog entry … 200.

Can you hear me smiling from here?

Let the happiness begin.