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Bedford Springs, Pa.

Bedford Springs, Pa. (Photo credit: josephleenovak)

Bedford Springs Resort.

And that is where I spent a few hours today … having lunch with my friend Jeanne.

Words cannot begin to describe this place … even in winter.

Here is a picture of the place from a pretty little gazebo across the road.

This was taken in the summer, obviously.But it doesn’t even start to show how wonderful of a place this is.

And heDSCN1053re is a picture of that pretty little gazebo taken from where we had lunch today.

This was taken in the winter, obviously. And it doesn’t start to show how wonderful of a place this is.

Of course the best part of it all was that I was having lunch with my friend.

This, as I have mentioned before, is someone I knew in High School … then we went to the same College together … and lived in the same dorm … on the same hall … and then there is something I did not mention.

Her daughter works at the Bedford Springs Resort.

So when she decided to come to town to visit her daughter, she called me and asked if I might be interested in driving there to meet for lunch.

DSCN1052Oh. Twist. My. Arm.

Here is a picture from where we ate lunch … looking out onto the front of the Resort … toward the creek running along the front of the Resort.

The resort with a Healing Spa and Indoor Pool.

And here are some more pictures of the restaurant we ate in and the rest of the Resort.

DSCN1054frontier_tavern1 pitbsrlobby%20jpg

And a few more pictures of the outside.

pitbsr_ext pitbsr%20pro%201%20jpg

So you get the idea that I had a nice time today? You would be absolutely correct.

Between catching up on old times, and chatting about new times … she is an accomplished actress … we enjoyed a most amazing lunch.

This is the kind of restaurant that has prices … but no period at the end … and no decimal points. I believe I mentioned places like that before.

But in addition to delectable salads with excellent presentation, our server came to us at the end and said the magic words … “Will you be having dessert today?”

In the midst of our deliberations … she returned … with the most outstanding dessert known to man.

OK … maybe it’s because I am a sucker for caramel and whatnot.

Behold … the muffin.


We enjoyed the most wonderful muffin I have probably ever eaten. Courtesy of her daughter.

A delicious light fluffy cake muffin, with a huge gooey center of soft caramel goodness, topped with the best icing ever – caramel, of course – and a neat chocolate straw and chocolate covered caramel piece of candy.

Perfect. Not too sweet. Not too sugary. Perfect.

So after we finished lunch and did a tour of the facility, I did what any red-blooded woman who loves this sort of stuff would do …

Yes, the picture is of a muffin … sitting on my desk.

Yes, I did bring one home.

No, I can’t take another picture of it.

It’s history.

Blissful, icing coated, caramel encapsulated history.

With milk.

I am happy.