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Yeah, that’s where I am today.

And I wish with all my heart that I could just dump it all here … but it is so beyond anything, that I just can’t do it.

At least not today.

Frankly I don’t know where I would even start.

I am chuckling right now … because WordPress here “reads” what you type, and makes suggestions as to what keywords and pictures would be appropriate for the blog.

Based on what I just wrote, they determined that Health, Heart, Mental Health, and Dissociative Disorders would be appropriate.

Well, Mental Health maybe … she said with a smile … and Dissociative Disorders would probably be a blessedly welcome relief, but no, not that.

HealthAnd the pictures that they suggested have that nice little one with a bag full of 401-K money and the word Health written across it.

That also is ironic in its own way.

Those of us with no Health Insurance and no bags of money … well, lets just say I’ve not always been where I am now.

But believe it or not that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

Make no mistake. I wouldn’t make any major life choices any differently.

Following my heart has been its own reward. And curse.

But for the life of me I cannot come up with one Happy Holly thing today.


Maybe tomorrow.