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In case you have been hidden from any kind of communication today, but decided to check this blog here … let me be the first to tell you …

There is a New Pope for the Catholic Church.

And truly, this is new-making ground in a variety of ways.

First non-European Pope. (at least for a good while)
First South American Pope.
First Jesuit Pope.
First Chemistry Prof Pope. (well, he taught it)

First POW Pope.
First … Francis.

CNN says “Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina is breaking ground by choosing the name Francis”. And of course it was chosen in memory of St. Francis of Assisi, a revered saint in the Catholic Church.

Personally, I like the way it was announced better … Francesco. Rolls off your tongue.


Nice. Elegant. Regal.

But Francis?

Forgive me … but it seemed like a little bit too close to “Pope Frank”

But … before I get struck by lightning here and knock the radio station off the air … let me say that I admire both the reason for the name and the manner of life he has been living.

I mean, who can dislike a Pope who takes the bus to work instead of using a limousine?

All I was hoping for was a Pope who looked … well … friendly. I was a big fan of Pope John Paul II and was looking for a cross between him and my late Grandpap.

The early pictures before he was introduced didn’t bode well.

Then he came out … and started with the phrase”Buona Sera” … which is Italian for Good Evening.

Since I wasn’t sure if it was Italian or Spanish, I looked it up and was told that something similar was indeed a Spanish phrase.

Buena Será.

It roughly translates, at least according to Yahoo Answers, to “it will be good.”

And you know? I think it will be.