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… or is that We Have All Gotten Covered?


It’s the second one.

We are all covered.

In snow.


You know I didn’t read the words on the yardstick when I took it outside. I just stuck it into the snow and snapped the photo.

Didn’t see the words on it till I went to upload it here. Then the words made me laugh out loud. “Do you have it all covered?” Well, not quite yet … but how appropriate.

Many pictures were taken this morning.

When it is practically May … and you get a mini-blizzard … it calls for pictures.

The snow actually was quite pretty … on the trees, the ground, everywhere.  I’ll just take a moment here and share some of the pictures from early this morning. Before another few inches of snow fell. 

For that matter, it is still snowing right now, but the temperatures and the promise of Spring allowed a lot of the snow to melt almost as quickly as it fell this afternoon.

Needless to say, the comments and cartoons on Facebook and other places on the internet were in full force as well. So for those who may not have seen these … here are the best ones.