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Well, the truth of it is that I had a really great blog entry almost all written. With the exception of one really important piece of information.

The ending.

Well, actually I had the ending-ending … I just don’t know if the good guys won or lost. So I couldn’t post the entry. It would be like doing a whole thing on the Super Bowl and ending with “Well, one of the teams won. Just not sure which one won.”

So that is going to have to wait till tomorrow for the results.

In the mean time, I thought I would post some links to enjoyable places on the web. And yes, I am prejudiced here.

kkkOver the course of almost the whole year I have been doing this, I have come to know some really cool people. And one of these people has a podcast to go with her blog.

Yes, I know I have promised to do the same thing. Heck, she and I even have the same microphone to record our voices. But she is actually doing it.

Her name is Kris K Keppeler.

Her blog page has some fun stuff on it. Pictures, comments … the usual.

Her Facebook page has some links on it. Not too shabby. Seems she is a voice-over artist. I think she has become my new hero here.

She has done various characters … on a Web Series called The Family … and I am guessing on a whole lot of other things as well. Here are some character shots that I  lifted from her Facebook page.

But the coolest link, which I know I have mentioned before in a post or two, is her Podcast page … named “Has This Ever Happened To You?” In this, she has narrated funny things that happen to people.

And she has been kind enough to have narrated four of my blog posts for it.




  • And the first one I think she recorded of my posts, in which yours truly is confronted with a dip-loving field mouse, in  A What With My Coffee … and He Ain’t Mickey.


I owe Kris a debt of gratitude for taking these humble offerings and bringing them to life in her podcast.

While you are there, take a look around at some of the other posts she has done of the writings of some other people.

I am flattered to be in such good company.

Thanks, Kris!!