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… where the thing that made me the most happy was a late afternoon nap.

110_0061Now, reality is that I have several other things that made me happy today. Not the least of which was seeing my friend Texas Linda happy about her dog Libby.

You will recall Libby from the Easter trip to see the Easter Bunny. She, being thirteen years old, probably doesn’t have a lot more trips like this in her future.

But Linda recently got some meds for the old girl … the dog, not the person … and Libby went from barely walking to being able to jump up on the bed in a single bound.

I think I am going to find the basic ingredients and go get a gallon … or pound … or whatever … of it.

So we did stop by the local Petco again today to pick up some special dog food to help Libby lose a little weight.

Me, just tagging along for the ride, so to speak.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

But not today. I have a few more things to get before I write about it as an official “Happy” thing in the blog here. But constant readers of my blog can probably guess what the entry for tomorrow is going to be.

I also tried to pick up the Netpad from the shop … where it has been getting a make-over. But one person didn’t show up … the software wasn’t completely loaded … yada yada … I didn’t get my Netpad.

And I went into a craft store to get some things to complete the front room here … which would lead to another blog entry in the Home Improvement category of the blog here.

But since all I did was get the “parts” and didn’t do anything with them except lean them up against the wall … well, that doesn’t rise to the occasion of a Happy Holly Project entry.

Then there’s the point where it was 0-nap-thirty … and I laid down for an hour … and fell asleep.

So I guess that’s the best I can do for the day. Another sluggish Monday in Happy-Holly-ville.

Wait till tomorrow. It will be much better tomorrow.