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… I don’t know what it was.

Something just drew me to him.

Was it was his limpid eyes … ?

Or was it his adorable big ears … like an elephant.

Maybe it was his smooth moves.

He wore the cool blues and deep plum purples like a second skin.

And yes I know those colors are not “in season” … but it didn’t seem to matter to him … or to me.

He wore them with a certain kind of flair. Like it was a perfectly natural thing to do.

I knew I shouldn’t.

I had absolutely no business being attracted to him.

But once I saw him, I was hooked … totally hooked. Isn’t that ironic?

And I had to have him.

I just had to.

We looked deeply at each other.

No words were exchanged.

Before I knew it … almost before I realized what was happening … he was mine.

No names.

Names were not needed.

And yes, I know … I had no business bringing him to my house.

After all … it’s not like there was a real need there.

Not really.

But I’ve got him.

Now what am I going to do with him?