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Rain days

Rain days (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

… and yes, I really am grateful today.

When I started the day, it was raining. Pouring down rain. And most folks would not be grateful for rain.

I am.

I have been told in my life to have an Attitude of Gratitude. It’s a good idea. And when I am focusing on the negative (yes, it happens … even to me … sometimes) it is suggested that I write a Gratitude List.

Like being grateful for the rain. I was grateful for the rain which came with Hurricane Sandy … because it provided me with a new roof.

First, I am grateful for rain today, because we haven’t had a lot of rain. The farmers in the area need rain … and that keeps prices down. So rain is good for that.

Second, I am grateful for rain today, because I have a well. And although it has never run out of water in the twenty plus years of living here, rain is always welcome. You can never be too rained on if you have a well, right?

Third, I am grateful for rain today, because I planted a few things out front in my ongoing effort to do a bit of landscaping and painting of the outside of my house. If the plants relied on my horticultural skills, they would be dead long before their time.

And yes, eventually there will be pictures here.

And Last, I am grateful for rain today, because I don’t have to do painting of the foundation of the house. It has one coat … the primer … that is done. It also has one coat … the color … that is pretty much done. But it needs a second coat. And today was going to be the day.

Okay, so I was not too grateful on discovering that a raccoon had gotten into my garbage … and had spread the contents of the garbage can all over the yard. And that I had to pick up the garbage … now sopping wet … and re-bag it all.

But other than that, I am grateful all over the place.

The lazy person in me is totally thrilled and grateful at the rain today.

Chances are I will be grateful tomorrow, too.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow.

Rain camera