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… at least as I see them.

feature-74-inc500_38This is the 500th Post here at the Happy Holly Project. And I am struck by how much the image above looks like jello. And … now that I think of it … how hungry I am. Jello would really hit the spot. But I digress.

I will not do shameless promotion on the occasion of the 500th here … but … well maybe a little.

I have not missed a day since I started on June 24th, 2012. It is 500 posts. I double dipped in April of this year, doing a NaPoWriMo each day in addition to the regular post. Look up the category NaPoWriMo here if you want to read some truly heartfelt and wonderfully mediocre poetry.

Time for some Bad News / Good News:

KrisasRhinemaidenLogowebsitesliebster2Bad News: It is almost the end of the day and according to the dashboard here on WordPress there has been one … count it … ONE hit on the blog today.

Good News: It is from Kris K … who both nominated me for a Leibster Award … and asked to narrate another one of my blog entries for her Podcast.

Thanks, and of course, Kris. Since it appears to be just you and me today.

Bad News: There is still a government shutdown. Big surprise. The side that started it is now blaming the other side and pretending it is some kind of Christmas Miracle that it happened. Neither are budging. Except to try to get their own pet projects off the shutdown list. Shameful.

Good News: This means the KKK cannot have their rally at Gettysburg National Park. Can you tell I have no patience for haters?

Or wrinkled sheets in poor taste.

Time to go get some jello.

Ku Klux Klan- scary or what?

Ku Klux Klan- scary or what? (Photo credit: Alastair Dunning)