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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s my birthday … It’s My Birthday! … she said like a happy little four-year-old. And trust me, the four-year-old curly-haired “inner child” inside of me is thrilled.

As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure she is running around at breakneck speed … clapping her hands and smiling like there is no tomorrow.

She gets like that sometimes. It’s an inner child thing I guess.

I’m not sure what it is about birthdays that makes me happy most years. 

That sense of euphoria … most years.

A fresh new start? Hope for the future? The sense of relief?

Probably a combination of all three.

I really don’t know why I have been having this “the sixties are a great decade” kind of mindset since last year.

Hippie bug!

Hippie bug! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am thinking it is because I basically grew up in the sixties … and that was a good time to be alive.

Already there have been several Facebook good wishes, an email e-card and a phone call.

And it is still early.

There are plans to have lunch with Texas Linda and to visit my parents at their new place.

Okay, so it’s not being wined and dined by a tall, dark and handsome man … but it’s good for today.

And since I know that lots of you reading this might want to also wish me a Happy Birthday … because that’s just how nice you are … I decided to make that easy.

I also know that lots of you reading this do not have a WordPress account that let’s you comment … so I just called this post Happy Birthday Holly!

Why did you do that … you ask?

Because, that way, every time you load (or reload and reload) this page, it shows up on my homepage here as Happy Birthday Holly! Happy Birthday Holly!

Pretty tricky, huh?

Well, I figured at other times people clicked on I Support You Holly and whatnot … and it made me feel like you were out there supporting me … whether you meant to or not. And it made me very happy.

I like to be happy.

Especially on my birthday!

So … thanks in advance. I’m off to lunch.

And you have a great day too …