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… in twenty six days.

1374276_10151698937657945_675776598_nFor the uninitiated, NaNoWriMo is a writing thing.

There was once a group of folks in California who thought it would be a neat idea to encourage people to write.

To that end, they set up a non-profit group called the Office of Letters and Lights.

And each year they sponsor an online writing marathon of sorts.


National Novel Writing Month

One month. (November)
Fifty thousand words. (And they don’t have to be good)
One novel. (of sorts)

NaNoWriMo Calendar 2012 Fresh Ribbon A

NaNoWriMo Calendar 2012 Fresh Ribbon A (Photo credit: Monda@NoTelling)

I started my writing efforts because of NaNoWriMo … on November 1, 2011. That year I won because I wrote 50,000 words. Yes it was mostly a lot of “how could he have done such a thing?” but it was 50,000 words.

Hey, it doesn’t have to be good … or edited … just long. They don’t judge. They don’t even read it … a computer does. And folks “disguise” their final product for the computer sometimes if they are afraid their creative work might be stolen.

Which it never is.

It does, however give you a chance to try out your writing chops, as it were.

And I did it again last November … 2012. Only that time it was about other stories having to do with Texas Linda.

The Script Frenzy logo

The Script Frenzy logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also did Script Frenzy in April 2012 … a graphic novel about a frog who discovers spirituality … loosely based on something I had written a while back. And I did NaPoWriMo here in April 2013 … poetry each day for a month. And …

Well, suffice it to say that this blog isn’t the only thing that I write each day. But NaNoWriMo got me started in it all.

This year I am going to actually write something I have been playing with all summer. The story up at the lake.

So why am I writing about this today?

I want Writing Buddies.

Because part of the deal is you can have writing buddies as you go through the process. People who urge you on and whom you urge on.

I don’t have many.

It starts on November the first.

So, I’d like to ask as many of you who think you might like to try this, to also join me as a writing buddyby clicking here and signing up … and then send me a buddy request.

I’ll accept.

Even if you don’t officially follow me here.

nanologoCreate a NaNoWriMo account, ask me to be a Writing Buddy, and give it a try. What have you got to lose?

Oh and they give great winning gifts … like 50% off Scrivener and Dragon Writing Naturally and they sell T-Shirts and Mugs and things.

And you just might discover that you like writing too …