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1374818_313263478814194_89723170_n… and I got a few from yesterday.

Although I still am looking for more Writing Buddies. Go figure. I’m a glutton.


In addition to this blog here I do some other writing … and have been following a Facebook Group of almost 19,000 called … appropriately enough … NaNoWriMo.


It consists of various writers looking for feedback and a forum to air their ideas. At least that is what I think it is meant for.


It is funny, though. As I read through the comments recently it seemed that a great number of the folks were spending most of their time agonizing over things which had nothing to do with writing.


So … you know me. I felt obliged to do a bit of a tongue-in-cheek thing over there. Here is what I wrote:

Starting to think I’m not like a “real writer” although I have written a “funny slice of life” blog daily (without a miss – around 1K words a day usually) since June 2012, and write another “diary” of 30-60K words a month since Nov 2011 … and carry a notepad around in my purse for ideas.


Because I don’t have a pen name, a business card, a cover for the nano book, a synopsis for public approval … not even a title for the nano book … or a desire to do any of the above.

Also, no writers group (other than this), creative writing class, proof readers, alpha readers or beta readers … neither do I have a publisher nor a desire to self publish.

Although some day I’d like to find a talented agent and publisher to do what they do best.

But I do write … every day. Lots.

The point of my post … at the least the point I was trying for … was that lots of the people there in the group were spending an inordinately large period of time perfecting the cover for a book that had yet to be written. Or fretting over the exact wording and look for a business card.

But very few recently seemed to be real concerned about … well … writing.

And that, whether you wrote a little or a lot, the point of being a writer is to put words to paper … or pc … or little notebook for ideas that you carry around in your pocket or purse … or have sitting by the bedside at night to catch dreams.

Okay, and maybe a little shameless try at some support.

Because, much as I am pretty sure writing is the whole point of it, I am still at heart a sometimes insecure not sure of herself as an author type person.


Interesting comments resulted.

Lots of ones like this …

Here is the question, does writing make you or those around you happy? Then it doesn’t matter if you are a real writer. Just keep writing. 🙂

or these …

you write, ergo, you are a real writer!

If you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and pound out strings of words in a semi-coherent manner, then you are a real writer!


Then there were several focused on how to get … cheaply … business cards … ala …

getting a business card is easy. i payed like $20 for 200 of them on vista print. of course, i don’t think anyone will ever take me serious with a card like that. but for now i don’t care. i think it’s because i feel 20 years younger than i really am.

I am remembering a show that was on years ago … The Rockford Files …  in which the main character had a card printing machine in his car so he could make a card that said anything.

And although these folks have no idea how old I am, the truth is I have had … and made … various business cards for myself and others over the years. Some of them really stretched the truth. “Vice-President of International Trading” pops to mind.

Hey, it made him feel good.

But there were those of a different sort … those that pointed out a different approach to writing.

You can be a writer without all that stuff. There are different types of writers and some like all that extra stuff!

i think i paid the money to get them nice and glossy. i went all out for these.

Reality is that it is almost the start of NaNoWriMo … and one of their requirements / requests is that you have a title and a cover and a synopsis.

Reality is that many writers these days are going to be self published writers … and many of these folks don’t care one way or the other … they are just having fun in the process.

And actually … out of those who have passion … all kinds of passion … will come those who make a difference.

In writing. In book covers. In everything.

*Holly thinks of a few pictures from this summer that just might work for the cover*