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Lady bug (Coccinella septempunctata) on a leaf

Lady bug (Coccinella septempunctata) on a leaf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long time readers here may remember that I have a thing for ladybugs. This is a recent thing.

I like them.

I like how pretty they are. I like what they stand for. And I like that they showed up in my life at a particularly low point. As I said a year ago

… the final straw came when last year I was emotionally grieving. I closed my eyes in prayer, tears running down my face.

When I opened my eyes there were several ladybugs … on the walls and on the windows.

It cheered me so much. Surely this was a sign from above that things were going to be all right with the world and better times were coming.

I became a big fan of ladybugs. I read about all the traditions associated with ladybugs and smiled each time I saw them on the wall.

Then they seemed to disappear. Except for a few wings here and there.

And the stink bugs looked oddly well fed.

Resorting once more to the amazing internet I discovered that Stink Bugs eat Ladybugs.

It was all out war.

You may also recall that, in nature’s version of Rock-Paper-Scissors … Stink Bugs eat Ladybugs … Spiders eat Stink Bugs.

I have Spiders.

So several days ago I was delighted, once again, to see Ladybugs in my life here. They started with just a few … in my bedroom … and cheered me up immensely.

When they didn’t show for a day or so, I started looking for well-fed Stink Bugs and squooshed the few that I found. Squooshed, of course, being a technical term.

Then the Ladybugs reappeared.

I was happy. I reread the traditions about Ladybugs … harbingers of good fortune and happiness.

They had taken to hanging around my lamp beside my bed in the early evening. And I cheered their longevity and ability to avoid the evil Stink Bugs around here.

They landed on my pillows and landed on my bed.

I laughed when one flew over and landed right in the middle of my laptop screen as I read various things on the internet. And I smiled indulgently as he/she flew away before I could get a picture.

After all, they were my beloved Ladybugs.

Then I read this:

In Belgium there is a belief that a single girl who finds a ladybug on her body will be married within a year.”

Okay, so I’m not in Belgium … and I’m not a girl … and I don’t particularly want to get married … and it didn’t land on me per se … it landed on my laptop … and my pillow … and my bed.

So what do I get for that? A hot date maybe?

Now today, while taking some pictures downstairs in my creative area … formerly known as my Living Room … for a blog entry for tomorrow theoretically, I noticed a Ladybug.

Then another.

Then several more.

Several, several more.

On the window. On the bookcase. On the windowsill. On the walls. On the lamp.

Even a few dead ones.

I took pictures. Not of the dead ones.

Couldn’t convince any of them to land on my body.

I asked nicely.

You know, last year as I finished my blog entry about Ladybugs, Stink Bugs and Spiders, I closed with these words.

One thing you need to know.

There is no such thing as an orphan stink bug.

Guess what?

Turns out there is no such thing as an orphan Ladybug either.

I think I’m still happy about that.