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… and what non-writers probably haven’t figured out.

As the day to start the NaNoWriMo Novel approaches things continue to happen in my life. Yesterday things happened that caused me to rethink my proposed Novel.

Anne Lamott Quote You Own Everything That Happened To YouThis image is hanging, framed, on my wall behind my desk.

All three of the lines have rung true for me over the past two years I have been writing.

And although I do “own” everything that has happened to me, I do not write everything that has happened to me … well, not publicly at least.

And I have been encouraged to tell my stories. But you know, I am pretty private … so I have held back from writing some things … publicly.

Then sometimes things happen … things that make me rethink my lack of … storytelling. It is usually at these times that the third line jumps out at me.

If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should’ve behaved better.

mug Then about that time, the quote on my coffee mug jumps out at me.

There are a few things that some non-writers have probably not figured out yet.

1. Kindness trumps anger or cruelty or threats.

And when someone exhibits any of these, a writer’s mind goes directly toward how it can be incorporated into a storyline.

It’s what we do.

2. There is a certain cathartic euphoria that comes from writing about a particularly painful or unpleasant life experience … after which you can tell the story however and to whomever you want.

1381893_637532052935177_637031665_n3. Some say it’s good to journal.

I agree.

And once written, a journal which is created in the passion of the moment can serve as incredibly wonderful source material for a future Novel.

It’s a First Amendment thing.

And I am thinking that it can save a tremendous amount of typing … at least I would imagine so.

1395943_737665356248864_1610585410_nSo, basically I can write anything I darn well please.

Well, assuming I don’t say anything mean and false about a real person. But I write fiction, right?

It really is true what they say.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

And if someone doesn’t like it … all they have to do is not read it.