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Right … I’m right on that.

I’ll just post here … just in a minute …. because … well postaday … that’s for posting … and that’s what I do … I post.


I’m cursed.

No doubt about it.

You know how us writey people like to write, right? And then there’s that whole muse thing. Writers need inspiration and whatnot and that takes the form of … well, it can be a person, or a situation or … well … lots of things.

So I decided to try to soup up my muse quotient. After all NaNoWriMo … with its attendent 50,000 word novel in a month requirement looms large here.

It starts this coming Friday.

So yesterday … yesterday I say … came this email … or something … maybe a link … yes that was it … a link where I went to a blog where it said those magic words:

Go figure.

So it turns out that I am not the only one who posts every day … every single day … like I have since the day I started all this.

Well, that’s OK.

It’s been a self-imposed pressure that I have been operating under anyway. I decided to do “The Project” for a year … and still the blog remains. That and all the other stuff I have been writing.

Until yesterday.

When I made that conscious Committment to this Postaday thing here. Putting an image on my blog page announcing it to the world. Updating all my blog entries …. for the entire year … with the Tag of Postaday. Subscribing to whatever …

Maybe it’s that C word that is causing all this.

But for Whatever reason, I just have stopped. Dead.


Okaay, truth in advertising here.

I was up until all hours yesterday … last night … later into the wee hours here typing back and forth as I sometimes do. For hours.

Then again today. For another six hours.

You can write a hellacious amount of stuff in six hours as it turns out. It’s just that none of it is useable here, there, anywherewherever.

Then I laid down here … for just a few minutes … just one … or two.

And here I am four hours later. Needing about 99 more hours of sleep … staring bleary eyed at the screen … without a creative rational thought in my brain

I really can’t believe that … one day after making a commitment  here … I am stumped.

Its going to be a long 2013.